Euodia {Yoo-o-dee’-ah}

It’s a great delight to have you here reading this, you could be doing other things, but you chose to share your time with me and that I don’t take lightly… So I’m blowing you sweet

Yea! What better time to launch this platform than now, THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL CHILD. Every Child is important, but as we all know in most parts of the world, the girl-child has been denied certain privileges due to beliefs and archaic traditions, if you didn’t know about that, you do! Hence, the celebration.

Last night I stumbled upon an interesting read, that made me extremely happy and determined to carry on the crusade to enlighten more people (especially youths) on the more importance of creating an attractive self-worth. I’ll explain this concept from my faith in God.

It’s a long one so I’d take it in series…

Euodia; as the title states is a Greek Work for Fragrance which is literally translated as “sweet smell” “fragrant” or  “sweet smelling thing”. I’ve always been fascinated about how we can change the world by simply renewing the minds of the young ones. Teaching them to becoming individuals the society would be proud of.

So as responsible citizens, it’s our duty to help mould children whose fragrance the world wants to embrace, It begins in your small abode…yes right there. Changing the world one child at a time, we can achieve it, only if we keep our gaze on THE ONE who created us for HIS GLORY… A lot has been done via physical measures, it’s time we saw it from another angle and embrace the Higher Calling, Greater things will definitely be accomplished!


Wow!!! If you read this to the end, you must really love me, I appreciate your time and I hope to make reading this blog worth your while….


IMIEBAM {Thank You In My Ibani Language}



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