Welcome And Thanks For Checking In Again

This is just a random post {wanted to share an experience with you all}

Some time ago, during the Inter-House Sport Competition at my son’s school, they played a game titled “Getting Ready For School”, the boys showed our they wore their uniforms and how fast they could do it, It was very exciting and interesting to see them hurrying to fix their buttons and tuck in their shirts at the same time.

This game came home to me when my 4year old suddenly took interest in trying to “unbutton” his uniform, at first I was reluctant, but in the end, I let him have his way. so whenever he’s back from school, he longs to do it himself.

What kind of parent are you?

One who wants everything prim and proper, all neat spick and span… if you are {or intend to be this kind of parent if you aren’t yet} then you’d be limiting your child’s ability to explore…Allow your children make mistakes and learn from it. The ability to be vulnerable as Parents is the greatest skill you’ll ever possess. You’ll be surprised at how fast your child would learn from making their own mistakes.

This afternoon, on our way to the supermarket from school, I had a moment of quick reflection and marveled at how amazing it is when kids grab things so fast, you’d think they’re not listening to you, but truth is, they are. Some day, they’ll shock you with the wealth of knowledge they’ve gleaned from you.

Okay so, you know all the Pleasantries you teach kids{THANK YOU, EXCUSE ME, PLEASE etc} you can imagine how many times you’d have told your kids to say after they’ve given a gift {Oh how frustrating that exercise can be sometimes}, it’s actually easier if you practice what you preach, that way it sticks in the child’s memory to always say it when something’s given

Yea back to my story, or it really isn’t, I just reflected on how much my son and I have learnt from each other, I was so proud when I asked him for a biscuit he was eating, I said Thank You and He said You’re welcome mummy…It might not be much, but it is a character I’m proud he’s emulated

What Are You Consciously Teaching Your Kids???



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