Hi!!! It’s so great to have you check in here

I’m so excited to continue our GROOMING SERIES. I count it a great honour to be writing to esteemed people like you… Yes You!!!

Most of my posts are centred around family, because FAMILY is the most important element in our society, just imagine we all raising fantastic children and release them into the system, how better would it be?

So today we’ll FOCUS ON OUR LAND; if you’re in Nigeria, you understand that there’s a lot of structural problems we’ve had and it has really eaten deep, but just imagine again you groom a fine young man who’s unshaken by bribe or any corrupt practices and we have daughters who choose to protect their dignity to earn what they deserve rather than paying their way through it with their bodies.

These things sound impossible to the ordinary person out there, but truth be told, things like these aren’t done with the physical might, Lots of spiritual work and action goes into it. Conscious/Intentional Parenting should be at the core of our thinking. FOCUS on your Land! A great society begins with your home.

As little as teaching your kids to stand up for themselves, standing up for truth and integrity; quitting the seemingly “small” white lies, petty stealing and the likes, this contributes to a child’s personality. Know that whatever you do and say to your kids, eventually moulds who they’ll become.

Remember Parenting Is An Intentional Process, don’t leave the society to be fully engaged in raising your child, truthfully the adage that says “It takes a community to raise a child” might apply only when the community shares same belief as yours, don’t let Uncles or Aunties whose parenting style that  doesn’t align with yours, train your child for you. Focus On Your Land!!!

So what are you doing to focus on your land???

I’d love to hear from you!

We’d continue in this series tomorrow, look forward for tips to help build a WhollyGroomed Child…


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