Most times, new  or young parents don’t even know what to expect when it comes to raising kids especially in these digital era {The 21st Century Child}. As you can attest to how overly smart they can be…Here are some tips that have helped me so far, would love to hear more from you:

  1. Don’t be oblivious to the happenings around. The World is a dangerous place, shield your children “prayerfully” because where your eyes can’t go, your Words will.
  2. Watch the company your children keep
  3. Be involved; be their friend to draw them in and let you in on their “secrets” and BE FIRM to instill life values into them.
  4. Be present; in a world where parents are overwhelmed with expenses, it’ll take an extra intentional effort to do this. Especially when you have deadlines to meet, in that “crazy” state when you’re just about to scream at the child, take a deep breath and just hear them out. Trust me, the child will be better for it. It’ll keep giving that access to always come back, remember you need to draw them in as friends and BE FIRM AS A PARENT!
  5. Identify the gap and use it to your advantage; this thought crossed my mind recently and I was amazed, looking through some family techniques, I realized that most of the parents who had genuine strong relationships with their children, realized that their children’s generation was quite different from theirs ( the parent’s) and the worked towards bridging that gap via constant communication. Set up Fun Family Meeting regularly in a relaxed ambience and let your child(ren) open up on EVERYTHING….

More tips coming up soon…stay tuned, kindly leave feedback to let me know how it goes… Your comments are very important…lots of love from this end.


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