Hey Guys,

We’re back again…Continuing our “Grooming Series” Today, we focus on Teasing and Bullying, but we’d look at it from the home’s point of view.  We’d be getting to the root of the matter. What’s the origin of bullying, how do you draw the line between comparing, teasing and outright bullying?  Yea we’d get to understand what I mean during the course of the post.

Okay so, I come from a background where it was a norm to always tease people, maybe for what they had or not, but as I grew older and became Born-Again, I just sensed that there was something wrong with that act of comparing yourself with others either in form of light teasing to their faces or behind their backs. As you’d notice Bullying is a societal enigma the world is trying to fix, it indeed is a disease!!!

How did this come about? I’d like to trace it to the family unit, but before that I’d like to define in my own words: A bully is one who has been deprived of something emotionally and psychologically and thus gets people like him or probably “schools” people to be like him in order to gratify his own shortcomings.In other words, a bully is an emotionally-deficient child.

Why the family unit? This habit is learnt consciously or sub-consciously from home/ the environment the child lives in, yea, I started this story with the teasing attitude, {while I know that ‘joking teasing’ is okay, but when it becomes recurrent, then caution should be applied; My Bible tells me to “guard my heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life” Kids need to be taught these things intentionally.

I’d rather consciously build/nurture my child to see and believe the best in themselves than see the shortcomings in others…This my friends is the origin of bullying, when we teach your children to love and respect others as they would themselves, then they see others as their own reflection. This can only be imprinted in a child’s heart while they’re young pre-schoolers not teenagers.

I’ll like to end my long epistle here and hope that it has been insightful.

I’d love to hear your comments too….


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