Hey everyone,

Feels so good to be writing you again, seems like ages I wrote something, so in this post, I’ll be sharing how my fitness journey started and in subsequent posts I’d share life lessons has taught me so far and I hope it encourages someone to lead a healthier lifestyle…

I’ll start with how I stumbled upon this journey, My dad has always been the fitness guru while growing up, so I guess he instilled in me the consciousness to ALWAYS REMAIN FIT! He never missed a chance to say it especially when I got pregnant with my 1st son.

All I kept hearing was never to let myself go, So here I am now 4years after with 2 boys refusing to let myself go, I remember working out after my 1st boy and getting back in shape and everything was great until I was ready for baby number 2 and then I had a miscarriage.

It seemed like everything was working against me, I literally let myself go, I took in almost immediately after the miscarriage and had started gaining A WHOLE LOT OF WEIGHT, eating just about everything my body thought it craved for; from frizzy drinks to “shawarma” like every other day, to fries etc…

Now here I was with my 2nd pregnancy weighing 101kg before pushing him out, his birth was very fast, although he was bigger than my 1st at birth (obviously he would…lol), then down to 97 kg after birth, cleared by the Doctor to go home, only to be back about a week later having suffered excruciating headaches (THE WORST EVER), I felt like my head didn’t belong on my body.

Tests were carried out and I had to be rushed in ambulance to the hospital where I’d be attended to, by this time, my blood pressure had shot the roof reading 201/110, just a little time more and I might have just shut down…BUT THANKS BE TO GOD WHO CAUSED ME TO TRIUMPH….

Upon arrival at the hospital, I was rushed to the ICU while the Doctors were battling to regulate my BP (blood pressure), I started convulsing, in all these, I was amazingly calm. I wasn’t scared of dying, I just knew ALL WOULD BE WELL… After that scary episode, my Doctor was in disbelief, because he had cleared me to go home the week before, only for me to return fighting for my life.

I’ve been tagged a WALKING MIRACLE, I’d just survived an Eclampsia feat, many women went through this and didn’t return alive, those that did, didn’t have complete function of some parts of their bodies, partial strokes, blindness,etc, because a part of the brain literally shuts down.

So by now, if you don’t know why I take this FITNESS thing seriously, then I’m lost for words on your behalf….This has become my life and ministry, even though I tried to shy away from it, I’ve realized I was delivered from the shackles of death for a higher calling, One bigger than me.



Made Whole By The BLOOD OF JESUS


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