Did you know that you’re here on earth for something much more? Do you feel like you’re doing what you’ve been called to do? Or are you just living..more like existing in this space called earth? I know you might ask how can I even know what I’ve been created to do? I understand that question, I battled with it throughout out my adolescence into adulthood. You know what? Wanting to know, is the very BEST way to DISCOVERY!!!

Having the desire to want to do much more is all you need in this journey of SELF-DISCOVERY, may I break it to you, that even the “successful” people out there doing great exploits in their field, are still on that journey of Self-Discovery, Show me a man who has tapped his full potential and I’ll show you one who’s close to his grave (death), that man has literally stopped the Flow From The Source! I’ll explain how…

Praise Be To God From Whom All Blessings Flow…#Newsflash!!! You are ALL OF GOD here on earth, yield to the calling from within, get connected to the source and you’ll never run out, you can never die until you accomplish ALL you’ve been sent to execute here on earth, What audacity right? How do I even know this? It’s just the assurance I found in HIS Word! I speak from experience and a standpoint of Faith. Just stay CONNECTED TO THE SOURCE!

How do you even know how make that impact? you don’t need to go too far, start from where you are, Simply, genuinely HELP someone achieve their goal, HELP that child understand his homework, HELP your neighbour get his clothes in before the rain pours, HELP your colleague with that difficult task even if you don’t receive the glory in the end, genuinely HELP someone not for what you’ll get, but because you need to find your true purpose.

How amazing is it to know that in helping others, you get clarity of purpose! Did you know that you could be the only channel that could grant illumination to someone’s challenging times? Then why are you being selfish with all that’s being deposited inside of you? You are never too busy to help, HELP where you are!!!

Purpose is found when you genuinely HELP!!! Enjoy the process and you’ll be Glad You Did.

Have a Purposeful Day Fam!

I’d really love to hear from you, please send a mail if you need me to pray with you or just to chat on that ailing problem. Also if this has blessed you, HELP someone else that needs to hear this, SHARE THIS MESSAGE



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