Hi Fam,

Yaaayyy!!!! it’s my first post for the new year and I’ve come more organized and best of all, loaded to release ALL that God has deposited in me to share with my world….you guys.

Thus Wednesdays, will be my BLOGGING DAYS, it gets to overwhelming as more tasks has been added to my schedule, but i still feel i have a duty to my online blogging family….

Here are some thoughts that crossed my mind some days ago….Oh!!! just before i get into it, Let me formally wish you a HAPPY PHENOMENAL 2017, it’s my prayer that it indeed it is that and much more….

So back to my thoughts:

Don’t let what has become standards/traditions of men govern how you search out the scriptures…. While you study, pray that God reveals HIMSELF (HIS WORD) to you. That’s the ONLY way you can break away from the Traditions of men that can hold you back from believing THE SIMPLICITY IN GOD’S WORD.
Remember Perfection is a journey, a newborn child today,  can’t become a 100 year old tomorrow by drinking milk, He grows into that maturity and the time it takes varies from person to person.
So my dearest #Believer, don’t beat yourself up, Take up Scriptures study, be that workman (2Tim.2:15) and watch your FATHER reveal Himself to you….Tarry in HIS PRESENCE with Worship, Listen Till HE speaks (He still does)
Happy New Year 😘
#TribePetra #WhollyGroomed

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