Hey Guys, It’s Wednesday(at least of this side of the planet….lool) yaaaaaayyyy!!!!

Being a “Mummy Fitness Instructor” I’ve heard lots of things people have said, some in the integrity of their hearts, while others out of plain “beef” say things like it’s okay, you look good the way you are, your neck’s long etc…

Well here’s a little something I put together on my phone notepad (i do that a lot when i have ideas pouring, trying to keep up with its i hope it encourages someone out there to keep doing what’s you know it’s good for you and not seek people’s approval for what’s beneficial to your health….

•I'm not trying to be skinny...
I'm being healthier
I'm being fit
I'm trying to run around with my kids and not get exhausted
I'm trying to dance in church for a long time and not nurse aches after the service
I'm going to be lifting up my hands
 in worship to my God and not feel
weary or tired.
I'm trying to be more productive with my daily work... 
Working out helps me do that much more
I'm building up my strength to take up greater challenges
I'm trying not to be sluggish through my day

When next someone, tell you reasons why you should quit your Fitness Lifestyle, simply tell them “That’s why it’s a lifestyle, it’s not meant to end…*tongueOUT*

Till next Wednesday when i bring you more juicy insights, STAY WHOLE




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