The week sped so fast, looked just like yesterday that I wrote my last post. It’s always such a great time to share my experiences with the world and this platform provides just that avenue.

I’m grateful for the audience I have so far and those to come, Like I always say, I attract my kind and because I know I’m driven, hungry (for more God has put in my life has to disburse), I’m almost certain you are too. So let’s enjoy the Spirit’s cruise….

In this part of the world, the beginning of the year ushers in Fastings, Consecration, Rededication and every spiritual commitment you can think of, so I’d just share a tip I gave my  Wholly Groomed Fam, that has helped me too.

When You Fast!

*Don’t see it as just ANOTHER Spiritual exercise of the year (it should be a routine exercise-STAYING FASTED), rather see it as a time of refreshing.

*Don’t see it as a Starvation exercise, that period when you have your meal prepared to break the fast before the day even, it’s the time to reconnect with your essence.

*When you fast, your flesh shouldn’t just be denied food, but normal pleasures too (social media, etc), except of course you’re at the office and your boss requires you to do all of that.

As much as you possible, you should keep distractions away and FOCUS!

*When you fast, your flesh is weakened and your spirit’s antenna is heightened; very alert to pick the signal waves from The Father

So get a pen and paper, jot down as you pray in the Spirit, listening for every word HE’ll speak.

*Break with light meals and refresh your body for the next day.

Till we meet again,

Stay WHOLE…Spirit, Soul and Body….




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