In a world so dark it chokes, light has become inevitable, not just any kind of light, but Blazing, Inferno “kinda” light in thick darkness. At creation, when God met with “Gross Darkness” he didn’t negotiate with it, He simply spoke LIGHT to existence and boom!!! THERE WAS…LIGHT

Sub-consciously, many believers have negotiated their nature…BEING LIGHT, they simply did exactly what Matthew 5:15 warned against; lighting their candle and putting under the bushel, why are we shy to shine our lights in the business conference room, schools, gym and wherever we find ourselves?

It’s not possible to achieve greater feats in Christ, when we can’t simply shine our candle lights in the room where we are. It’s my firm belief that we grow from shining candle lights to actual blazing “bon-fire” kinda light, because as we all know candle light can’t survive the thick darkness in the bush, hence we have to grow the fire….

What’s the purpose of light? It’s meant to illuminate paths. The World needs Light… I’m sure that’s very obvious with the goings-on. It’s your duty as a Believer, to be the Light to someone’s path, let people never leave you the same way they came (Contagious Christianity). Spark something up! When they come with their match box, they should be able to strike a fire to keep them burning…

It’s a growth process, from being matchboxes seeking to be scratched to light a fire, to a candle light, to a lamp, to a bon-fire and then an irresistible inferno… SEEK THE KIND OF FIRE YOU WANT TO BECOME…

Don’t be that candle that set other people on fire and let’s the wind of doctrines blow out your fire, just because you refused to grow into being an INFERNO… Infernos just don’t happen, you stay around people who would ignite these types of fire, this is the kind that stands the test of times. Winds blowing only causes more FIRE RAGE….

How exciting is this? Oh boy!!! the thought of it gets me welling up with so much excitement, that the body of Christ should be like this inferno and I want to believe that that’s the kind of Light Jesus us to be to bring salvation to the ends of the earth (Acts 13;47) and this Light before men and they glorify our Father in Heaven.

Like candle lights, when the wind of challenges come, it makes the love of many wax cold. My Brethren, I charge you to stay CHARGED!!! Don’t succumb to the pressures of this world, HE that is in you is GREATER than he that’s in the world, SURROUND YOURSELF WITH FIRED-UP PEOPLE…

I’m glad to be in one myself, I know the pains of not being in a super-charged environment (like literally “LIT”), so I cherish where I am now… If you care to be connected, you can visit or simply check for PETRA CHRISTIAN CENTRE on google.

If by now you’re still wondering, why? Another new church? why can’t old ones catch fire? Every church is charged with different mandates and because the Pastor is also human, it takes a lot of Discipline and GRACE to run a church, so whatever you see is a result of HUNGER on the part of the Pastor and also members.

To cap up my long epistle (which I’m humbled that you read until this point), CATCH FIRE AND SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE ON FIRE…




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