#FLEXIMUMS…. My New Baby

Yes a new Wednesday… A new month…. Brand New Opportunities…

What a great day to be alive…whoosh!!!!! I’m sure you can feel the excitement right? I’m super excited, I’ll try and make this blogpost as short as possible, ‘cos I’ve got to run along for service in a couple of minutes.

It’s been a wonderful 2017 so far, I’ve received heart-warming reports from my academy (WhollyGroomedAcademy) and also from my new strictly mummy group on whatsapp called #FlexiMums. I started as wanting to just share with women all that the HolySpirit wanted me to, and the impact has been amazing in just few weeks of inception.

My utmost desire in life is to be able to pour out to my world, an overflow of what God is releasing through me. I’m super excited to be a blessing to a few “tens” and hoping to build a community of women who LOVE GOD deeply, LOVE the bodies GOD has given them and seek to improve on it and also making their HOMES an abode for ROYALTY.

I’ve learnt so much from the Free #FlexiMums Whatsapp Community, women who genuinely want to make their homes beautiful, providing warmth and love thereby, treating their bodies healthy, learning tips and tricks to keep their man coming home for more….

Have you read how sweet the LOVE in SONGS OF SOLOMON is? Watch out for #FlexiMums, they are ravaging their hubbies with so much love, he’d wonder what happened to his wife. We’re on a mission to correct the stereotypes that you cant be a Christian Mum and be HOT!!!

Oh Yes you can!!!!

It’s your right as a woman to feel every bit sexy for yourself, your man and also be productive in everything you set your hands on.

So if you’re married mum (or know someone who is), kindly send their names and numbers to +2348177445338


Come let’s learn at HIS Feet about the real issues of life.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Let’s also connect on Instagram & Facebook




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