Hi Guys!!!!!

What an awesome time  to be here again to share a little of what I’ve shared on my other platforms (Facebook Live and Instagram; @idalaogufere).

It’s a subject very close to my heart, because a lot of women try to lose weight for the wrongest reasons. So I decided to share a few tips….

JUST Before You lose THAT Weight

Love the body you’re in presently, while working towards your desired body goals

Weightloss is not an easy task, so prepare your mind.

Effective Weightloss and sustainance starts from the mind.

Your mind is the most powerful tool, nurture and use it to your advantage.

Don’t follow the bandwagon, lose weight for yourself not for someone else.

Love yourself enough to stay healthy

🔥Weightloss/Fitness Journey is a unique path, so don’t compare yourself to anyone

🔥 Keep trying out workout procedures and healthy routines til you find the perfect mix Just For You

🔥Staying fit requires you to Eat healthy 80% of the time and workout 20%. The work is in the FOOD Not Exercises!!!

🔥Staying healthy is a UNIQUE journey specially crafted for individual bodies, so keep trying out and exploring what works for you.

🔥Your routine doesn’t  have to be like someone else’s own. If a part of keto diet works for you, stick to it, if you know you can’t deal with high fat meals, don’t bother starting so you don’t get frustrated when you can’t cope.
WEIGH THE PROS and CONs before embarking on a particular style of healthy living lifestyle. ChoOse what is sustainable!!!!!


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